Trio Supply Company Testimonial


How long have you been a tenant at Northern Stacks?

– October 2016


What was most surprising about the construction/leasing process to you?

– The professionalism of Mortenson Construction and Paul Hyde and his team when it came to the construction and leasing process was surprising to me.  Meeting every week for 10-12 weeks to go over the construction schedule and take care of any questions or concerns, I was amazed at how prepared they were.  I wasn’t used to working with companies that were that prepared.  It’s expensive – Mortenson / Hyde Construction, but you get an unbelievable quality product.

– Most surprising part of the construction process was how involved we were.  We are leasing the space, and yet over the six month construction time frame.  We were involved in the weekly construction meetings where we met and discussed everything.  It really helped us identify our desired space a little better.  It was a nice process.


What attracted you to Northern Stacks?

– Driving by the Northern Stacks building after the first one was up, I said, “Wow. That’s a really nice building.” Then when I finally got into the building, I knew it was perfect for my type of business. The location and proximity to the freeways and downtown Minneapolis is so convenient and the overall quality of the product has been great.

– Location, Location, Location.  We’re in the distribution business and the location worked out perfectly for our trucking needs.  Access to 694 to get almost anywhere around the cities was exactly what we needed.


How has it helped your business succeed?  How will it affect your business goals?

– Moving to Northern Stacks has improved our overall company culture. The beautiful, functional office space and an incredibly designed warehouse layout is much nicer than our prior location.  Our employees have appreciated coming to this new space and having a fresh start. It’s amazing the psychological effect it has on our employees.  Everyone is proud of the space and they love to show it off.

– Basically we were out of room, and in order for us to achieve our goals, we needed more space. Our Northern Stacks space was larger and taller. It worked out terrifically for our present needs, and our future expansion needs. It’s definitely worked very well for us.


What do you find unique about the development?

– The high ceilings and the ease of access to the development are two things that really stand out.  Getting where we need to go from this location is like dying and going to heaven.  We can be on the freeways in less than one minute and in downtown Minneapolis in five.  It’s a phenomenal location.

– We have a GoKart track next to us. The walking trails are really nice and it’s nice to have the walking trails around the entire area.  I like being close to the Mississippi River.  It’s nice for our employees to get out and walk on their lunch breaks.


How is Northern Stacks different than other locations you’ve been?

– This is nice because we’re out in a more recreational area and we’re closer to recreation activities.


How has this helped with talent attraction and retention?

– We don’t lose employees – they stay with us for life.  As far as attracting new talent – the location change has given us access to a wider range of educated workers with a strong work ethic.

– Overall the whole area – with the location, the newness it’s helped us attract new employees, as well as give our older employees a new lease on their work life.  They’re all very pleased with the new location.  It’s a very happy environment.