Everlast Climbing/Dero Testimonial


How long have you been a tenant at Northern Stacks?

We just moved in April 10.


What was most surprising about the construction/leasing process to you?

The leasing process with Hyde Development was very easy. It only took three days! That was a pleasant surprise.

The construction process also went very smoothly with Mortenson Construction. They stayed on schedule and had great attention to detail and workmanship. In addition, the lines of communication were excellent and everyone was very fun to work with. We are extremely happy with the finish quality of the work and everyone loves working here.


What attracted you to Northern Stacks?

We were attracted to Northern Stacks because its close proximity to northeast Minneapolis made it a desirable location for us. Also, the fact that it is near bike trails was very important because a good portion of our staff commutes by bike every day, year-round. The beauty of the location along the Mississippi River and near Riverfront Regional Park also made it attractive.

We were also attracted to the redevelopment project itself—that land was cleaned up to house a state-of-the art business park with modern amenities. We felt it would be ideal for our business and employees.


How has it helped your business succeed?  How will it affect your business goals?

The move here provides more space to expand our manufacturing which will allow us to better serve our customers.  In addition, the location and facility will help us attract and retain employees (see #7).


What do you find unique about the development?

The history behind the site.


How is Northern Stacks different from other locations you’ve been?

Great location, modern facility, new construction, lots of windows, high ceilings and great landlord.


How has this helped with talent attraction and retention?

We think that our desirable location, in additional to the architecturally-pleasing space and amenities (fitness room, showers/locker room, large windows throughout, including in production areas) will help attract and retain employees and will contribute to our growth and success.