Breweries Pour Into Minnesota Real Estate


Why locate a Destination Tap Room or Brewery at Northern Stacks?


Craft Beer and the Re-purposing of Commercial Real Estate Space

Fueled by consumer demand, the number of U.S. craft breweries has skyrocketed. With new breweries opening all across Minnesota, opportunities are arising for owners of both warehouse and retail space to repurpose their buildings to enable brewers to produce and/or sell their output.

Typically, craft breweries operate in industrial space that has the infrastructure in place with access to water, a sewer system and the power capacity necessary to run a full-scale brewery manufacturing operation. Through the repurposing of space, it is not uncommon for a brewery to set up operations in an antiquated industrial building. These opportunities are often sought out because they are usually cheap to acquire or lease, bring a sense of character to the brewery, and have the potential to offer tax incentives through revitalization efforts depending on programs in local jurisdictions. A brewery can bring new life to a vacant industrial building or retail shopping center and can help boost leasing demand. Locate a brewery in a walkable neighborhood, and it can become an instant draw for existing and potential residents. Landlords are taking note of craft beer as a growth industry, which will create an increased demand for their properties.

Craft beer is as much about getting creative with the space the brewery is located in as it is about creating unique beer recipes. Go into any real estate market, and you’re sure to find a craft brewery in a repurposed location that other commercial real estate users surely passed on.

Craft brewers now account for almost one-fifth of the total beer market sales, and are broken down into three main types:

  1. Brewpubs – typically located in retail restaurant locations that allow for a limited amount of beer manufacturing on-site
  2. Microbreweries– typically located within a small single -tenant industrial building or multi-tenant industrial complex
  3. Regional breweries– tend to locate in larger single-tenant industrial warehouse buildings due to the increased size requirement for their operation


Northern Stacks is a central hub for Minnesota’s craft brewery scene residing just miles from over a dozen local breweries including:

  • 612bbrew
  • 56 Brewing
  • Indeed Brewing Company
  • Bauhuas Brew Labs
  • Sociable Cider Works
  • Dangerous Man
  • Boom Island Brewing Company
  • Gastrotruck
  • Fulton Brewery
  • The Freehouse


Access to some of the best local social scenes are right around the corner making afternoon, after work or weekend fun just minutes away from the office. See the Best of the Twin Cities Taproom Guide

*Source: 2015 Colliers US Brewery Report